Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calling All Bloggers (and my first EVER giveaway)

Dear fellow bloggers (and readers),

I have a story I'd like to share with you today - I know I'm not usually one to talk about much besides food and blogging, but today I need your help with one of my current missions in life and I just know that you'll be willing to help me out!

You see, almost four years ago I gave birth to my daughter. She was born 9 weeks early weighing only 3 pounds and fitting from my finger tip to just past my wrist. She had a grade IV hemorrhage in her brain, a hole in her heart, and also a congenital heart defect called patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). She was fighting for her life in the NICU as I stood by completely helpless, going home each night and leaving her behind, an hour from home, not knowing what might happen while I was gone. After 26 days she was finally healthy enough to come home. She received state of the art care in a Level III NICU. Care that without extensive research, might not have been available to her. The March of Dimes helped save my daughter's life by providing the research needed to help her overcome her obstacles.

Two years later, I had another preemie, my son was born only 5 weeks early but was much more sick than his sister despite "baking" a bit longer. He was on a ventilator and was unable to breathe on his own without tiring and causing his heart rate to drop. He also had episodes where he would just "forget" to breathe and would turn blue and need assistance to begin breathing again. Again, we were saved by research funded by the March of Dimes - our son received several rounds of surfactant therapy to help his lungs handle breathing without assistance.

We've been walking in the March for Babies for three years now, and we've been able to raise well over $2,000 in those three years combined for the March of Dimes. This year, we have a goal as a team to raise $2,000 by the time of our walk in April 2011. I've come up with a master plan for fund-raising - We're going to create our very own cookbook to publish and sell - all profits will go to the March of Dimes.

This, my fellow bloggers is where you come in. I'm looking for people to submit recipes to include in our cookbook. We are needing a total of 200-300 recipes in the following categories:

Appetizers & Beverages
Soups & Salads
Vegetables & Side Dishes
Main Dishes
Breads & Rolls
Cookies & Candy
Miscellaneous (This & That)

Recipes should be submitted via email at foodiefairytale (at) gmail (dot) com.

For each recipe you submit you will be entered into a drawing for my very FIRST giveaway!

I'm sure you are all dying to know what the prize is, right??

The prize will be a basket full of some of my favorite cooking supplies, including some of my wonderful home-canned mango chutney, homemade vanilla extract, and more! Hurry and submit your recipes - giveaway ends on July 31st at 8:00pm EST. Please make sure to leave an email address in your comment so I know how to reach you if you win!

For each recipe you submit please leave me a comment to let me know the recipe has been emailed to me.

Don't want to submit a recipe, or want some extra chances to win? Here are some other ways that you can win! Please be sure to leave a comment to let me know you've done these as well.
  • Follow my blog publicly
  • Follow me on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter (leave a comment with your twitter name)
  • Blog about my giveaway (leave a link to your post)
I hope you all have a wonderful evening!


heather said...

it seems like only yesterday that I was over come with your trials with both of your miracles! so perhaps i can send you some MORE recipes!

Jenn said...

I love what you are doing.. I have sent you two recipes via email!!!

Yenta Mary said...

I came to follow you because I read about you on Michelle's "All Home Cooking. All Year Long." blog; love the title, trust her recommendation. Now I see that you have beautiful babies and a good cause ... well, how could I resist??? I'll happily send some recipes ... :)

zacharonimom said...

I would be honored to help support the March of Dimes and everyone that they have helped and will continue to help in the future! I have sent several recipes to your email. Good luck with the cookbook! :)

Yenta Mary said...

I just sent a recipe for White Chocolate Cherry Brownies ....

Yenta Mary said...

Easy Crockpot Chili on its way ....

Yenta Mary said...

Whole Grain Pancakes ....

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Those are 2 amazing stories and 2 beautiful babies! I follow your blog already and hopefully can get you a recipe before the end of the month.

Angie said...

Hi Amy, I am going to send you some recipes! I also just wanted to let you know I have given you an award!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Learned of you from the Food Floozie "Yenta Mary's" blog and my Chipotle Cornbread recipe is in your email. Thank you for the opportunity to share. I'm your newest follower wishing you every success.


Anonymous said...

Another entry from me. I'm now proudly following you publicly on google.

mstz807 (ataol) (dotcom)

Hope I win : )

even-star said...

Just submitted a recipe. If you are short on any category let me know. Best wishes. notwhatiseem.evenstar at googlemail dot com.

even-star said...

Just submitted a recipe. If you are short on any category let me know. Best wishes. notwhatiseem.evenstar at googlemail dot com.


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